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Trees really provide our homes with so much beauty.  We can climb them, lay in their shade, some of them even give us fruit!  Heartwood Tree Care wants to make sure your trees are happy and healthy.  We offer free estimates on pruning and removal services, so please, call us and book an appointment today.  Your trees will be glad you did!


Whether Mother Nature did her dirty work or tor your tree was damaged by man, we can provide a full consultation and provide options for repair and future maintenence.


Sometimes when trees are planted their future growth is not accounted for. If you have a tree that needs to be removed for any reason, we we can help remove it, including stump removal. 

Long Term Care

For the best results of any tree, considerations for early and long term care need to be kept in mind. As a tree ages, the care and maintenance changes, we can help you maximize the life of your tree.


Not sure what your options are for a tree on your property? We are happy to provide a consultation complete with options whether you want to keep your tree,  scale it bak or remove it.


Not all trees are created equal. Different species benefit from different types of pruning and ensuring it is done during the right lifecycle for the tree. 

Stump Grinding

Probably one of the least attractive things to be left on your lawn is a stump. We have the tools and experience to help with your stump removal. 

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  • Heartwood Tree Care
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