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Do you have a large site that needs a tree specialist?  Heartwood Tree Care can tackle the large jobs just as easily as the small ones.  We have experience in servicing both private commercial companies as well as public municipalities. 


We have tree suppliers around the world, enabling us to source, and provide accurate care for, a number of species of trees. 

Depending on your space, we can help you select a tree best suited for your indoor, or outdoor, commercial space. 


If your indoor botanical space has been reflecting distress or requires some additional care and attention, our vast knowledge of various trees and plants can help provide guidance and solutions for your indoor trees.  

Long Term Care

We provide full care for commercial indoor and outdoor trees. From care and general maintenance, landscaping and pruning and help under stress, we are happy to provide a comprehensive care solution for your indoor or outdoor commercial garden

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  • Heartwood Tree Care
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